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Help & Info about Google Input Tools for windows

  • Where to find Google Input?

    Google Input is available at Google Services, Google Chrome browser, every Android device, and Microsoft Windows. Unfortunately, non-Google or non-Android users may not be able to use Google Input unless their computers or mobile devices support Google. There is an alternative option of using other translation apps online.
  • How many languages Google Input can identify and write?

    Currently it can type up to 80 languages. It also offers unique inputs for non-English letters so that users can type in their native language. Most devices require downloading or installation of add-ons or extensions for their computer or mobile device to write in native language. Google Input only needs to be opened to enable non-English letter or word input.
  • Can I use Google Input on text document software?

    Google Input is currently available on Google Drive. There is also an extra option of downloading the Google Input extension on Google Chrome. After the download, open Microsoft Word, change the language from default English to the native language via the language bar and users can write in their native language.
  • Can Google Input be used anywhere?

    Google Input is always available for offline and online use. There is no need to worry if the network is down because Google Input can save user-defined terms, corrections and every input done with it. This is ideal for commuting, overseas travels, remote working and anything involving communication away from home.
  • What can Google Input save?

    Google Input can remember any corrections made by the users. It has its very own custom dictionary. Users can add new slang that is only found in certain countries. Local slang may have no actual Western equivalent but Google Input allows the saving of that slang for later reference. It’s up to the user to provide the definition.
  • Is Google Input free?

    Google Input is a free service. There is no need to pay any service charges. This is perfect because not everyone is versed with writing in a different language. Mobile devices are widely available today and Google makes introducing Non English texts very convenient. Users may have to purchase foreign language apps regarding communication when compared to Google input.
  • What are the available input methods on Google Input?

    Google Input has four options. Input Method Editors (IME) uses a conversion engine that maps user keystrokes to other languages. Transliteration provides conversion of text phonetics from one language to another with the same sound. Google Input’s Virtual keyboard offers direct typing in another language. Handwriting allows manual characters drawing with either fingertips or stylus.
  • What Google Services can use Google Input?

    Google Input is currently available on popular Google Services like Google Search, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Translate and even YouTube. This is perfect for creating contents with foreign languages. It can help users search for unique subjects, write personal messages, make professional documents, find word references online and post special videos.
  • What keyboard shortcut works with Google Input?

    The available shortcuts for Gmail and Google Drive are “CTRL + SHIFT + K” for toggling Google Input, and “CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + K” to open the menu. For Chinese users, “SHIFT” is for switching between English and Chinese, “SHIFT + SPACE” for switching between single and double-byte characters, and “CTRL + .” for switching between single and double byte characters while in punctuation mode.
  • 1How to use Google Input

    Google Input is very easy to use, anyone can use it on computers or mobile devices. Users simply open it on any Google applications. They can select their language preference, typing letters similar to a conventional keyboard and even make calligraphic keystrokes. Downloading it is also simple to get typing w"ith non-English letters done.


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